“Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it”. ~Russel Baker

“City of 1000 Islands”

When you look across the large expanse of the fast flowing Saint Lawrence River, you will festriversee a shore littered with rocks and shoals. If you look specifically on the north shore, you eyes will capture a stunning and beautiful landscape which is full of natural trees shrubs and splendid flowers which form a beautiful paradise of earth which is Brockville, Ontario.

To be precise this beautiful land in Canada is located on the opposite side of Morristown, New York about halfway between Cornwall to the east and Kingston on the west.

This beautiful land is revered for its natural splendor and beautiful waterfront and distinguishes itself by the slogan “Birthplace of the Canadian Flag”

Levi Levi
I miss Riverfest.

Jessica Jessica
Why is this site alive again? Is Riverfest back?

Tyler Tyler
I think the owner is creating a tribute to the event.


If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance”. ~Bern Williams


Since 1972, Riverfest was a staple summer festival for locals, escalating over the past 3 decades to become the biggest summer tourist attraction for Brockville and area and attracting thousands of visitors during the 10 day festival.

Riverfest was a family oriented festival with air shows, water events,riverfestbrvi performers to entertain both children and adults alike, and a Family Fishing Derby. Adding to the festivities and attracting people from across Canada and the United States were big name acts performing on the Riverfest main stage. Chuck Berry, Burton Cummings, Crystal Gayle, Glen Campbell, Paul Brandt, Faber Drive, Hedley, Barenaked Ladies, Tragically Hip, and Blue Rodeo were just some of the popular headliners.

The success of Riverfest was dependent upon the volunteers, community support, and local businesses that sponsored and helped finance Riverfest activities.


For the past several years leading to 2011,villebrockfest the Riverfest committee experienced tough financial circumstances and some criticism from the community. Dwindling financial circumstances pushed Riverfest to fewer events and days each year as the committee and organizers tried to stay within budget.

Smaller, the festival grew each year. Fewer, the events showcased, with the result that many local people simply stopped going. With nostalgia they would remember brockfestvillethe long gone days when the event was a jam-packed festival with 10 days in a row of headline concerts at a bustling, busy waterfront.

Come 2011, 3 decades later, the entire organizing committee announced its resignation. They couldn’t take the losses experienced any more. This meant the death of Riverfest.



This site was initially established in 2003 and operated through to end of 2011 when it became in-operational with the death of Riverfest. The last one was in 2011. Attendance declining was the cause. The last one held in 2011 attracted only 3,000 people, and did not recoup the cost of the festival.

Currently, the site is now under-construction to create better content and in-depth images all which will focus on the Brockville’s attractions, tourism, real estate among other major features of the economy.

Megan Megan
The government should have intervened.

Levi Levi
I blame the locals.

Tanya Tanya
You usually blame aliens or the CIA.

Levi Levi
Maybe the revival of this site means something.

Tanya Tanya
Looks like a student project, or, nevermind. This site is inexplicable.